Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ, Your Kiss Makes Me Cum, キスしてほしい ~唇でイっちゃった~

Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ looks hot in short skirt, pantyhose and heels wearing her purple Irish fisherman's sweater.

Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ

Actress Name:
Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ
Birthday: 06/30/1996
Height: 149 cm
Bust / Waist / Hips:
B: 88cm W: 57cm H: 84cm
Blood Type: O

Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ in her latest JAV for the Kabukicho Girls. A little plump with nice firm ass and big soft tits, Yusa Minami says she can cum from a French kiss. Watch her video where she is kissed, sucked, licked and fucked to so many orgasms that production and Yusa lost count. Shot in 1080p HD, Yusa is an orgasm hungry JAV whore.


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Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ shows her sexy legs in black pantyhose and heels.

Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ looks so dear and innocent yet she is a cock craving slut.

Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ reveals her very sexy lingerie and big soft boobs.

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Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ nipples peek out from her red and very sexy bra.

Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさshows off her soft boobs as she gets ready for cock time.
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Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ says a deep French kiss can bring her to orgasm.

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Yusa Minami, 美波ゆさ sprad out on the couch and taking that cock deep into her tight Japanese pussy.

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