Tokimeki, Ai Misaki, 美咲愛, BT-169, ときめき ~憧れ~の君と温泉デート~

Tokimeki, Ai Misaki, 美咲愛, BT-169, ときめき ~憧れ~の君と温泉デート~ 

Starring: Ai Misaki
Release Date: 4/15/2017
Series: Buri no Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki

Media: DVD

Tokimeki, Ai Misaki, 美咲愛, BT-169, ときめき ~憧れ~の君と温泉デート~, Ai Misaki meets her new lover for a hot spring date. Ai is fresh, young, super sexy body and nothing makes her wetter between the legs than a date at an onsen, or hot springs inn. Enjoy hot hardcore scenes with Ai and see her deliver a flooding golden shower pissing scene. She just can’t hold it any more and man she does give a flood.


1) Tokimeki – heart-throbbing hot spring date
2) I can’t hold pee anymore.

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タイトル: ときめき ~憧れ~の君と温泉デート~
主演女優: 美咲愛
スタジオ: スタジオテリヤキ

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